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Liver & White Bitch     Date of Birth 3rd October 2009

Kitkat is the litter sister of Elin and Robin and one of the Peasblossom E Litter.  Her father is Zeneck, Int. Champion Linmoor Zimply Zalient and her mother is our Lila, Sh Ch Peasblossom Aria.


Kitkat now lives with Susann and Peter and her canine pals, Pandra and Lisa in Denmark.  The hope is that this little 'snow queen' will be trained in Obedience so we are looking forward to reporting on her progress in due course.

Health :  Kitkat is hereditarily clear (from two clear parents) for both Fucosidosis and PRA Cord 1.  Tested clear for PRA, MRD & Glaucoma.  Hip Score 'A'.  Inbreeding co-efficient 4.1%.